Mt. Arayat


mt arayat

The fabled Mt. Arayat is Central Luzon’s natural landmark and Pampanga’s proud heritage. 

A protected area under Proclamation No. 203, Mt. Arayat National Park spans 3,715 hectares and straddles the towns of Arayat and Magalang. 

This famous mountain is home to 49 species of trees and plants, 86 species of birds, 14 species of mammals, and 11 species of reptiles. Rising to 1,026 meters above sea level, the mountain is considered as an extinct stratovolcano whose circular volcanic crater measures 1.2 kilometers in diameter. 

The North Peak (1,026 meters asl) and South Peak (1,008 meters asl) offer a 270 degrees view of the vast plains of Central Luzon, and are a favorite destination for hikers, campers, eco-tourists and mountaineers. Found between these two peaks is a lava dome called “White Rock”.