Regional Special Orders - NGP

  1. Creation of Geo-Tag and Progress Map Monitoring Point Persons by CENRO for NGP Replanting for CY 2011-2013 and Planting for CY 2014 Target
  2. Creation of Quality Control Team and Evaluation Process of All Geo-Tagged Photos of NGP for Submission to Central Office
  3. Amending Regional Special Order No. 2014 - 66 dated March 19, 2014 Expanding the Duties and Responsibilities of Some Regional Office Senior Officials as NGP Point Persons
  4. Creation of Composite Teams to Conduct Validation-Rectification of Submitted Maps Proposed NGP Sites for CY 2014 and Site Assessment NGP CY 2015
  5. Designation of Some Senior Regional Office Officials as NGP Catch-Up Plan Point Persons


Memorandums to Central Office - NGP

  1. Submission of National Greening Program Annual Report of DENR-R3 CY 2013
  2. Submission of List of Hired Forest Extension Officer for CY 2014
  3. Submission of Notarized Plantation Development Report of NGP CY 2013
  4. Submission of Geo-Tagged Photos for Areas Planted in CY 2011-2013 and Identified Planting Sites for CY 2014
  5. Submission of CY 2013 Job Generation Accomplishments Under the Community-Based Employment Program (CBEP)
  6. Submission of FY 2014 Job Generation Targets Under the Community-Based Employment Program (CBEP)
  7. Request for Funding the Rehabilitation of Established Plantations of CENROs Casiguran, San Rafael, Tarlac and Olongapo Damaged by Typhoons Labuyo and Santi
  8. Establishment of Mechanized and Modernized Forest Nursery in Region 3


Memorandums to PENROs and CENROs - NGP

  1. Correction and Re-Location Survey of the Previously Submitted NGP SMP Maps for 2014 to 2016
  2. Cost of Site Development Per Hectare
  3. Deadline of Submission of NGP Reports
  4. NGP Implementation Guide on the Site Assessment for 2015 NGP Sites
  5. Reporting System of Forest Fire Occurrences and Typhoon Damaged under the National Greening Program
  6. Submission of FY 2014 Job Generation Targets Under the Community-Based Employment Program
  7. Submission of Replanting Plan for CY 2011-2013 and Planting Plan for CY 2014
  8. Submission of Report Regarding Coordination With the LGU on the Grassroots Participatory Project Under NGP for CY 2015